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    Our Granola Recipe

    Here is the second of our recipe posts, and it's another one that we get asked for a lot, our breakfast granola. Granola is one of the cereal-type items that we always have on offer on our breakfast table, and it's a perennial favourite. The…

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    Dried Fruit Compote

    One of the reasons for our giving up our "real" jobs to take over Pen-y-bryn Lodge in 2010 was to allow us to pursue our passions. For James B, that meant being able to spend his days gardening and taking care of and renovating the…
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    Gift Vouchers

    Vouchers can be customised however you'd like Everyone has at least one of them--that friend, relative or even spouse who is impossible to buy a gift for, especially for those special occasions like significant birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and more. Something that they will surely appreciate…

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    Summer at Pen-y-bryn

    As we celebrate more than 10 years as the custodians of Pen-y-bryn Lodge in this most unusual summer for all of us, we look forward to welcoming more Kiwis to spend summer holidays with us. Pen-y-bryn has never looked better, with all our guest rooms…

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    Review of Pen-y-bryn in the NZ Herald

    Maggie Wicks, deputy travel editor of the NZ Herald, recently paid us a visit as part of a general tour of Ōamaru and the Waitaki. Yesterday, the paper published her review of a gourmet stay in Ōamaru, and we thought it was worth sharing: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/hotel-review-oamarus-pen-y-bryn-lodge-a-gourmet-historic-getaway/CJFDSA63XY2TO5RNBTYLQ6QF3Q/…

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    Welcome Spring in Oamaru!

    Cherry blossoms blooming in the garden Spring in the Southern Hemisphere is just days away, and already daffodils and other spring flowers have begun to bloom around our gardens. This is a delightful time to travel around the South Island in general, and Oamaru in…

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    Special Deals for Winter 2020

    Snow is not guaranteed--in ten years we've seen it snow here just once! As New Zealand and the world continue to do battle with Covid-19, we want to do what we can to make it easier for Kiwis to travel around the country while international…

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    Name Your Price for Kiwi Travellers

    https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/north-otago/name-your-price-novel-promotion-lodge Now that New Zealand is in Level-2 lockdown, and travel is once again possible around the country, we want to do something to make it possible for more New Zealanders to spend some time in a part of their country's heritage while also giving…

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    The novel coronavirus now known as Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to international travel, with flights in and out of China suspended for several weeks, and now the announcement that New Zealand will impose a mandatory 14-day self-isolation regime for virtually all arrivals into the…

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    Booking your stay with us

    Many guests ask us what is the best option for making a booking to stay with us at Pen-y-bryn, so we thought we would post here to offer some guidance. Of course, our preference is for you to book with us directly through our booking…

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