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Waitaki Geopark Ambassadorship

June 14, 2022

Global GeoparkPen-y-bryn Lodge is very honoured to be among the inaugural partners (aka “ambassadors”) of the nascent Waitaki Whitestone (Aspiring Global) Geopark. We’ve long been vocal advocates for the wonders of the Waitaki, and when we learned that the district was in the running to be designated a UNESCO Global Geopark–the first such geopark in all of Australasia–we were quick to get on board to help in whatever way we could. With the UNESCO inspectors just a few weeks away from arriving in New Zealand to conduct their in-person assessment–after several years of delays as a result of the pandemic–we are confident that it won’t be long before we join the likes of China’s Huangshan, Scotland’s Shetland Islands, and Canada’s Cliffs of Fundy, along with 174 other iconic geological wonders in 46 countries. Even without UNESCO’s badge, however, the 7200 square kilometres of our geopark are ready for you to explore, in a landscape shaped by volcanoes, and glaciers, rivers and mountains. Click on the link to learn more about the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark¬†and if you’d like to know more about the worldwide network of UNESCO Global Geoparks click here.