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International Travel Set to Resume from 30 April 2022!

November 24, 2021

At today’s press conference, the New Zealand Government announced a phased-in approach to start reopening the New Zealand border, which has been effectively closed to visitors since March 2020. Under the plan, which will be further refined the border will start to reopen as follows:

  • Vaccinated Kiwis and their dependants can enter NZ without quarantine from Australia starting on 17 January 2022;
  • Vaccinated Kiwis and their dependants can enter NZ without quarantine from all countries starting on 13 February 2022;
  • And from 30 April 2022, all other fully vaccinated travellers can enter NZ without the need for quarantine.

There will be a few conditions that must be noted:

  • Travellers will require a negative pre-departure Covid-19 test;
  • Travellers will require proof of vaccination;
  • Travellers will have to provide a declaration of travel history and demonstrate that they have not been in very high-risk countries;
  • Travellers will have to self-isolate for seven days on arrival;
  • Regular Covid-19 testing will be required while in NZ.

These conditions are due to be updated regularly, so we would recommend that people interested in travelling to NZ should stay tuned for announcements from the government via the NZ Government official website, www.beehive.govt.nz and the official Covid-19 portal, covid19.govt.nz.

This comes as very good news to those of us who are used to hosting international guests, and we look forward to this step toward a return to normality!