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Welcome Milo!

September 27, 2021

Photo of <nobr>Pen-y-bryn</nobr>'s Dogs

We were very sad to lose our 13-year old Bi-Blue Merle Sheltie, Ivan, last week. He was a much-loved, and strikingly beautiful, member of our family since before we moved to New Zealand, and losing him was very difficult for us all. We know that some people wait a certain amount of time. after losing a beloved pet before welcoming a new one into the house, but we are not those sort of people. As luck would have it, the breeder who was responsible for bringing our Labradoodle, George, into our world three years ago, happened to have a suitable puppy for us who was not yet spoken for, and since we were a known quantity, she could approve us immediately if we chose to become his new people.

So today we drove up to Christchurch to pick five-month old Milo up at the airport. Considering the many new experiences he had today, from being separated from the only people he’s known, to flying in a plane, to meeting two strangers who were going to look after him from now on, he handled it all like a trouper, and seemed to be very happy to meet George, who seemed to be pleased to have a new playmate (and one whose energy level far exceeds anything Ivan had demonstrated in many years). Like George, Milo is a non-shedding and hypoallergenic Labradoodle, and guests who miss their own pets during a stay with us are more than welcome to have a cuddle or a walk with him.