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Introducing our Telescope

March 13, 2021

The arrival of autumn means the return of prime astronomy season in New Zealand. Not only does nightfall come at a more sociable hour, but the climactic conditions mean clear skies predominate and there is less distortion from air currents. Also, the galactic core is once again visible, making for a spectacular view.

While much of the night sky can be appreciated with the naked eye, or through a camera lens, it’s been a long-held dream of ours to have a telescope on-site to be able to see even more detail. We are pleased to announce that, for the 2021 astro season, we have introduced a 10″ (250mm) Dobsonian telescope to our offering. On our first night we had a fantastic view of a nebula, several star clusters, the rings of Saturn and the stripes of Jupiter, a truly magical experience!

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