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New Oamaru Book Features Pen-y-bryn Lodge

August 26, 2014

Oamaru BookPenguin Press will soon release a beautiful book in full colour celebrating the town of Oamaru, its characters and of course its food. This book, due out in New Zealand in the spring, features detailed stories about the people who make Oamaru so special, including Phil and Tyla Scott of Scotts Brewing Company, bookbinder Michael O’Brien, and Bevan Smith of Riverstone Kitchen. There is of course also a feature on Pen-y-bryn Lodge, with the story of how we came to make New Zealand, and Oamaru, our home. And since good food and drink are so much a part of any visit to Oamaru, the back of the book features recipes from Riverstone Kitchen, Annie Baxter, Steam CafĂ© and Pen-y-bryn Lodge. The book will be available from bookstores all over New Zealand, as well as from us at Pen-y-bryn Lodge.