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Renovations in two guest rooms

November 10, 2019

As we continue our work to maintain and upgrade the facilities in our 130-year old lodge, we will endeavour to keep our guests and friends up-to-date on any interesting developments. Our latest work has involved upgrading the en-suites for the two rooms in the main lodge building, known as the Elizabeth and Victoria Rooms. We renovated some aspects of these rooms in recent years, including replacing linoleum flooring with more period-appropriate tile with underfloor heating and making the shower stall in the Victoria Room more compliant with New Zealand accessibility requirements, as the Victoria Room is designated our accessible guest room.

We have now completed a further renovation in these en-suites, replacing the pedestal sinks with separate hot- and cold-water faucets with mixer faucets (this may not be period-appropriate, but we have never been fans of separate faucets for hot and cold water); custom-made solid-rimu cabinetry with stone countertops and additional storage space for guests’ toiletries. The Victoria Room vanity is designed with accessibility in mind, so this room is even more compliant with accessibility requirements, and the Elizabeth Room also has updated lighting.

These newly renovated and redecorated rooms are already available to book, and we hope you will enjoy their new look!